Physical Medicine

What is physical medicine?

Most people are very familiar with many forms of physical medicine. This is a modality that encompasses many techniques such as naturopathic manipulations, massage therapy and trigger point release, and cupping. All of these techniques work on relaxing muscles, creating fluidity in the fascial layers, and physically realigning the body. Due to our modern lifestyle, which is generally high in stress and low in activity, almost everyone can benefit from some form of physical medicine.

What to expect

Treatment lengths vary depending on the technique provided. Some techniques only require a brief 15 minute visit while others may be an hour or longer. Minor stiffness or bruising may be experienced with some treatments but dissapate within a day or two. It is advised to wear comfortable clothing to appointments involving a form of physical medicine. 

Benefits of Physical Medicine

Promotes relaxation

Relieves neck and back pain

Corrects physical malalignments

Improves circulation

Improves organ function through neuronal networks and visceral manipulation

Improves posture

Reduces tension and cervicogenic headaches

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