IV & Injection Therapies

What are intravenous (IV) and injection therapies?

 IV and injections are therapies that involve introducing higher doses of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other injectable substances directly into the body via the blood stream (IV) or muscle (intramuscular injection). This is beneficial because you get an immediate dose in higher amounts than can be absorbed through the digestive tract. It also skips the first pass of the liver allowing more of the substance to get directly to the intended tissue.

IV and injection therapies are only discussed with patients individually to determine if this therapy would help them safely and effectively meet their health goals.

    What to expect

    These therapies are quick and often relaxing to many patients. Injection therapies are often performed within a brief 15 minute visit. IV therapies can be longer (averaging around 45 minutes -1.5 hours) and are performed in the IV suite to allow time to relax.

    To optimize your treatment experience make sure to come well hydrated and have something to eat ahead of your appointment time.  

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