Lab Testing

Standard laboratory testing

Standard lab testing allows Dr. Reilander to establish a diagnosis, monitor treatments, and evaluate a patient’s general health. Standard testing is provided locally through Life Labs, however these tests are not covered through MSP and coverage through extended health benefit plans may vary. 

Examples of standard lab testing include thyroid panels, nutritional evaluations, lipid profiles, liver and kidney function, metabolic testing, and autoimmune markers. 

Functional laboratory testing

Functional lab testing is unique to naturopathic medicine as it allows us to evaluate the body under a different lens compared to traditional testing options. The majority of these tests are offered by private labs across North America and Europe and are not covered by MSP (coverage through extended health benefit plans may vary)

Examples of functional lab testing include salivary cortisol curves, comprehensive hormone testing, allergy and sensitivity testing, genomic testing, and comprehensive stool analysis.

Benefits of Lab Testing

Objective markers to understanding and tracking health concerns

Evaluates treatment progress over time

Some tests ensure the health and safety of patients during some treatment protocols

May direct or determine the best course of treatment

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