Clinical Nutrition

What is clinical nutrition?

Nutrition is one of the foundations for good health. Dr. Reilander is highly trained to advise on optimizing your nutritional profile and on how to use nutrition therapeutically. What you eat and drink can have an overwhelming impact on a wide spectrum of conditions by causing inflammation and dysbiosis in the gastrointestinal tract. By analzying your symptom picture and lab results, clinical nutrition can be used as a foundational therapy alongside other modalities. 

This treatment modality also includes the use of therapeutic doses of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other extracts to target specific health goals. 

Clinical nutrition will be discussed in the majority of cases but will be highlighted in autoimmune conditions, skin related concerns, allergies, gastrointestinal dysfunction, diabetes, and weight management cases.

Dr. Reilander is well versed in elimination, paleo, autoimmune paleo, low-FODMAP, low-histamine, gut and psychology syndrome (GAPS), and specific carbohydrate (SCD) diets. 

Benefits of Clinical Nutrition

Increased energy

Weight loss

Improved mental clarity

Healthy digestive function

Identification of triggering foods

Blood sugar regulation

Improved moods

Reduced pain

Strengthened immune function

Lays a foundation for a healthy lifestyle

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