The Wellness Shot Bar

Why get an injection at The Wellness Shot Bar?

  1. Nutrients go directly into your tissues and bypass the digestive system (very important for anyone with compromised digestive health)
  2. Injections can be tailored targeting very specific concerns
  3. You often get more nutrients in one injection than you can take in a pill
  4. The body can use it right away – which means, you get to benefit right away!


Do I already need to be a patient?

No, anyone can walk-in for an injection! Injection appointments are very short (5-15 minutes) and will always start with a mini-intake to assess which injection is most appropriate. Dr. Elli Reilander will also take a brief medical history to make sure injection therapy is a safe and effective treatment option for you.


What to expect?

When you arrive for your injection Dr. Elli Reilander will check-in with you to determine the most indicated injection. Injections are generally administered in the hip as this is often the most comfortable site for the patient. The injection itself is brief, only lasting a few seconds. That’s it!


How to book?

There’s no need to book! Walk-ins are welcome. However, if you prefer not to risk a wait then feel free to call ahead and book an appointment.


Stressed? Fatigued?
  • Repleats essential nutrients in times of stress
  • Boosts energy and improves ability to cope
  • Contains a variety of B vitamins, mitochondrial support, and procaine for comfort

Super Immune

Run down? Sick?
  • Boost your immune system
  • Contains vitamin B12, B-complex, lysine, zinc, and procaine for comfort


Tired and fatigued?
  • Boost your energy!
  • Contains vitamins B12 and B9, B-complex, L-carnitine, and procaine for comfort

Brain Sharpener

Brain fog?
  • Get the nutrients you need to gain mental clarity
  • Improve mental function and productivtity
  • Contains vitamins B9, B12, B-complex, taurine, carnitine, and procaine for comfort. Plus, a bonus glutathione injection!

Beauty Shot

Problem skin?
  • Get the nutrients you need to get clearer, more beautiful skin
  • Contains vitamins B5, B12, B-complex, molybdemum or zinc, and procaine for comfort. Plus, a bonus glutathione injection!

Chill Out

Anxious? Feel revved up?
  • A great way to feel calm, cool, and collected
  • Contains vitamin B12, B-complex, taurine, glycine, magnesium, and procaine for comfort

Slim Shot

Difficulties losing weight?
  • Facilitates fat burning and weight loss when used in conjunction with a weight loss program
  • Contains vitamin B12, B-complex, MIC, L-carnatine, and procaine for comfort

Call to book an appointment.

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